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Buying a Home: Emotions Count

Buying a home can be a mess of emotions, which may not be something you want when you're trying to think logically and rationally about a large financial purchase. Good news! Buying a home should be a mix of both "the feels" and rational thinking. Here are some tips about what to expect:

  1. So you decided to start looking seriously for a house. Don't be surprised when your emotions run all over at just the though of buying. Expect to feel sad about a life chance, but also excited and anxious. Usually people report being excited mostly, even up to the part where they find the perfect house, but don't forget to reign in your excitement and let your Realtor guide you about avoiding pitfalls in the name of love.

  2. As purchasing the home becomes more of a reality, the excitement usually gives way to nervousness. That's completely normal, so don't worry about cold feet. Do make sure to talk to your Realtor about your concerns. Also make sure to have a home inspection done by a reputable company and get any extra tests done that will set your mind at east (like well water, septic, or propane tank inspection, etc).

  3. When there's a hiccup in the search, like getting outbid on your dream house, it can feel crushing. When you're in love enough with a home to make an offer, that means you're emotionally invested and it's hard to not take it badly when it doesn't pan out. Let yourself grieve the lost opportunity, but don't despair. Your Realtor can find other options, sometimes the wait means that something better is about to come available anyway!

  4. During closing, expect the roller coaster of emotions to continue as you get *very* personal with your banker and deal with financial decisions. Your nest egg will take a hit on the down payment and things will look different and scary for a little while. Never fear! When you get to the end, the joy of owning that home that you wanted will make it all worthwhile!

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