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A Vacation Home to Build Family Memories

The holidays are usually times to gather the whole family around and make memories. Sometimes it means crowding people in on couches or air mattresses - one year a distant uncle of mine slept in the bathtub when the house was too full! There's something great about having entire days together to make memories for the young and old.

If you've ever thought of getting a house that will fit the whole family for weekends together and holidays, 611 Woodland in Blacksburg is the one. Whether you want to go in with your siblings so the kids can play with their cousins, or a place for grandma and grandpa to bring in the whole family - there's a space for everyone in this house.

Want to spend more time with the family? They'll drive from all over when you tell them that it's just a quick walk to Lane Stadium on game day. Imagine

waking up together on game day. The mountains around the town are painted in maroon and orange leaves. The glassed in breakfast nook is a great place to enjoy coffee, or if you want to enjoy the brisk air, there's always the koi pond out back to keep you mesmerized.

There's energy in the air as tailgaters start setting up, 5 or 6 hours before the coin toss. After breakfast, everyone dresses in their VT finest gear and starts the cooking and lawn games for the tailgate party.

You're so close you can party in your own front lawn and greet the passersby without schlepping your setup to a parking lot. This house is on the very edge of campus. Tailgating is a magical time when strangers are friends and the food never ends. Luckily for your family, this house has 2 kitchens. One, on the main level, is gourmet with high end appliances. The other is downstairs, in the apartment. The house has 5 bedrooms total, but currently bonus spaces house extra beds so no one is left out.

Two kitchens means that somehow a chili cook off got started and now the "upstairs" competes with the "downstairs" and it's always an amazing memory. Sometimes the neighbors join in to make for extra competition. Don't worry, the chili bar will take up too much space. The kitchens have plenty of counter space. There's also the dry bar and two refrigerators on the glassed in breakfast porch and a full butler's pantry on the main floor, to make room for more platters and crockpots.

Set up corn hole, ladder ball and can jam in the yard for the kids, get an afternoon fire going in the stone fire pit for the adults. Out front it's easy to set up a few giant yard games, like giant Jenga and lawn Yahtzee. Downstairs, in the corner, one family always sets up a game day photo booth for each game. While other families usually spend a lot of money and headache trying to get family photos, we get them every few weeks during game day - complete with silly pompoms, helmets, footballs, and foam fingers. And instagram gets all the best #virginiatech themed selfies.

We like to keep the energy in the yard up by playing great music like "Danger Zone" and "Seven Nation Army". The family has made it law that air drums are required for that second one. Play the music from the Bose speakers that take the music outside for parties like these or relaxation.

In this house, everyone gets their own bathroom; there are 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. That means when it's time to head to Lane, everyone can duck in to make sure their face paint isn't smeared. Of course some of the family stay behind to watch the game in the warmth of the media room downstairs. It's already decorated for the Hokies but would look great with a Christmas Tree or to house a pile of kids for an Easter family reunion in the spring.

The best part about the party during the game and late into the night is that the master suite is alone on the top floor: a quiet sanctuary. And at the end of the day, the kids are in bed, having sleep overs with their cousins. The adults that are still up are talking quietly while sitting around the stone fireplace. It's always an amazing few days of laughter and family.

This isn't just a house, it's a place for your family to gather.

To learn more about this extraordinary opportunity and see if this house is right for you, click here.

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