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Life Hacks for Quick and Inexpensive Curb Appeal

With fall in swing and winter coming early, it's often too cold to want to go outside and work on the house, but the holidays mean that plenty of visitors are sure to see your home and that first impression is the one that counts. Here are some tips to keep your house looking top shape during the colder months.

  1. Clean up leaves and yard debris. Of course the cold weather means that leaves will fall, but ice means that branches and twigs will too. A quick trip around your house once in a while will keep your yard from looking messy.

  2. Replace summer annuals with fall ones, like mums and

pansies that will last several months in the cool weather. The pops of color that plants give make a home look welcoming and cared about.

  1. Spruce up your front door with a fresh coat of paint before it gets too cold.

With yard and flower colors fading, a freshly painted front door can be a perfect way to welcome visitors for the holidays, and provide a great backdrop for family pictures on the porch steps.

  1. Keep your porch and sidewalk cleared of ice, snow, and leaves. When the frost starts to hit, even leaves can become treacherous if they're in the walkway. Make sure visitors with arms full of food and packages can easily make their way to the front door.

  2. Add a bird feeder. As the temperature drops, many birds in our area will hunker down for the season, rather than migrate. Add a bird feeder outside your home to attract beautiful year-round birds like cardinals and chickadees to your porch.

  1. With the days growing shorter, make sure your post light and door lamps are in good working order.

Consider adding more lighting for the sidewalk and driveway, so your guests can see as them leave in the evenings.

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