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Cool Features for Kid's Rooms

Baby nurseries get all the attention, but once the little one grows up a bit, it's time to make changes to the room.

1. Update the colors. Once your child starts to have a "favorite color" or tends towards a color group, think about changing the room to a neutral color and then adding pops of their favorite color. This will make the room easy to update when their favorite color changes in a year.

2. Think long and hard about the desk. Kids even in kindergarten now have homework, but do you think your kid will sit comfortably at a desk and do their homework? A lot of children will be happy laying in the floor and scribbling or sitting at the kitchen table, where they're still connected to the rest of the family. Once they're old enough, they may feel most comfortable lounging on the couch or in their bed with a laptop. Desks are great, but the space may be better utilized for storage or as a hang out area.

3. Built-ins are best. No matter the age, storage is key in a child's room. Built-ins are fantastic because anything that is taller than it is wide (think bookcase or chest-of-drawers) should be anchored to the wall to prevent tipping. Built-ins are also a great choice because you can fill a custom space. Unlike buying bookshelves and having random spaces on the side, a custom built-in can be a fantastic choice to fill the space and get maximum use of it. If you're not into custom built-ins, check these IKEA hacks for making inexpensive pieces look built-in while anchoring them to the wall for safety. Either way, built-ins are timeless and a great addition to a room set up for growing up.

4. Storage. Storage. Storage. Built-ins aren't the only way to add storage to the room. Think of adding storage when you purchase long term furniture. For example, when buying a bed, look for one with drawers underneath. If you're buying a bunk bed, look for one with stairs that are drawers for hidden storage. Check out this article for tons of storage ideas for childrens' rooms.

5. Think about what they love. A child's room is a place where they dream at night and play during the day. Be thoughtful about the messages you want to send, while making sure they feel engaged in picking fun items. Want them to be a citizen of the world? Think about a feature wall with a map and art from around the world. Want them to celebrate their creativity? Add a gallery wall and fill it with their art. Their room is a great place to give them ideas and celebrate the things they love.


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