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What's up with the Christiansburg Marketplace

Taco Bell is hard to get to and a building is going up next to the light on Franklin, so after years of sitting almost empty, some great things are starting to take shape at the Christiansburg Marketplace.

One of the biggest issues with the shopping center is how

difficult it is to get into it.

The new owners, the Bromont Group, are ready to turn it into a bustling retail center, and to do that they need better entrances. Arby's is being moved so they can open the light on Franklin and make it a straight shot in from the Panera/Old Navy/Petsmart side. They're also planning to demolish the corner where Joann's used to be to create another entrance through there from the 460 exit 4.

These great renderings haven't stopped the community for wishing, hoping, and speculating about what shops might come into the new space. The owners say that they are expecting 4 anchor stores which will likely include a grocer, a sporting good store, a soft goods (like clothing), and something else that doesn't have a presence in the NRV. Originally the developer thought the negotiations for the 4 stores was close to a done deal and with the development set to reopen in 2019, time is running out. However, they've now announced that it looks like only 1 of the 4 will be coming.

The developers have also teased "specialty coffee house with a drive-thru,” a “nationally known Mexican restaurant” with a drive-thru, three restaurants that are new to Christiansburg and Blacksburg, as well as “nationally known fashion, home goods and sports retailers" and the latest renderings show a Verizon store, which has been confirmed.

Many people suspect Earth Fare will be the promised grocer, based on the renderings that resemble the Roanoke store. They'll bring a health food approach to the valley, in an area that's heavy on residential zoning but short on grocery options. Earth Fare carries only food that's hormone/antibiotic/preservative/trans fat free to make clean eating easier.

Community rumors also include that Starbucks will move to a building with a drive thru in the shopping center, Old Navy will opt for a larger area and move across to the Market Place, and that Back Country, which has a distribution center in Christiansburg, might open a large scale outdoor retail center, though all of these are unconfirmed. Other wishes community chat groups have mentioned are for a Chipotle/Qdoba option, a Off 5th department store, a build a bear, and the often repeated: Costco.

The owners are already petitioning the town to make sure they can also host music and food festivals in the parking area. Whatever comes into the space, it will be long overdue and the jobs generated will be a welcome addition to the community.


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