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How to Help Your Neighbors

When times are tough it's often the children who suffer most and the holiday season can make that worse. But in Montgomery County, we have a solution. For the past 38 years the all-volunteer Montgomery County Christmas Store has provided a dignified shopping experience for the approximately 1153 families demonstrating eligible need. People could go "shop" for items to give their family for the holiday season and children woke up to a Christmas morning with toys, books, clothes, and even some school supplies.

Covid threatened to change all of that.

Many people who had steady work are finding themselves without - and in a new economy where work is hard to find. The need for the Christmas Store is greater than ever. More people in the county are eligible for the service and that means more children going without during the holiday season.

The Christmas Store is committed to providing gifts for families in need - in a way that is safe for the volunteers and for the families. Children will still receive items that they need and toys that they want. But this means the process is changing and they are in need of more help than ever.

If you want to help the county's most vulnerable, then please consider donating to the cause.

The Store is in need of donations. With more families going without during this season, the Christmas Store will need donations more than ever. Any amount is deeply appreciated and private donations will be used to purchase clothing, toys, books, and gifts for 1700 children. The donations are also used to help provide shoes, clothing, and personal items for more than 800 seniors and disabled adults. In many cases, clothing and toys are not enough. The Store is committed to providing food basics and household items for every eligible family. A gift of $250 will provide a shopping experience for a family of 4. Any size gift will help.

They are also looking for donations of items to pass to families. Because of Covid policies, only new items can be accepted. They need winter clothing like hats, gloves, and coats (in all sizes). Did you know that when times are tough the last thing money is spent on is socks, undies, t-shirts, and bras? They are always welcome gifts. They are also accepting books for all ages, school supplies, and toys/gift items for infants through 18 years old. Please drop donations off at 30 W. Main Street, Christiansburg; Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am-4pm in November.

Times are tight for everyone, but if you're looking for a single charity that will reach more than a thousand of your neighbors, then consider a donation at the Montgomery County Christmas Store. As of Nov. 1, about 70% of the needed amount has been received. Any gift will help. Contact the store with questions at or on Facebook at MontgomeryCountyChristmasStore


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